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8 thoughts on “ A Raisin In The Sun

  1. A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry and produced on stage in , marks a watershed moment in American theater. On the face of it, A Raisin in the Sun was not destined for success.
  2. A Raisin in the Sun is a play by Loraine Hansberry about the Youngers, a Black family living on the South Side of Chicago. Lena Younger, the matriarch of the family, receives a $10, insurance.
  3. Feb 05,  · Parents need to know that A Raisin in the Sun eloquently portrays the life struggles of an African-American family living on Chicago's South Side in the s. Characters work at subservient jobs (Walter is a chauffeur, and his mother and sister clean houses), grapple with the impact this has on their self-esteem, and face racial prejudice.5/5.
  4. Feb 22,  · A RAISIN IN THE SUN is a groundbreaking drama celebrating the human spirit, featuring an electrifying performance by Academy Award(r) winner Sidney Poitier (Best Actor, Lilies of the Field, ). The Younger family, frustrated with living in their crowded Chicago apartment, sees the arrival of a $10, insurance check as the answer to their /5().
  5. Language and Style of A Raisin In The Sun; Three Versions of A Raisin In The Sun; Study Help; Quiz; Full Glossary for A Raisin in the Sun; Essay Questions; Cite this Literature Note; Character Analysis Travis Younger Clearly, Travis is spoiled. In the first scene of the play, we watch him cleverly get what he wants (the fifty cents his teacher.
  6. Nov 29,  · A Raisin in the Sun is a classic play about one family's hopes and dreams in 's America. Every character in this play has a different dream. The main character of Mama is an African American domestic worker whose husband has died and left her a insurance policy. At the play's beginning, Mama is waiting on the insurance check to arrive/5(1K).
  7. Nov 27,  · Black CAST's Fall production, "A Raisin in the Sun," written by Lorraine Hansberry. Raisin follows the life of the Younger Family, a Black family living in .
  8. Dreams possess great importance in A Raisin in the Sun, with the play’s name coming from a Langston Hughes poem titled Montage of a Dream bestbardmybidesgudouggaconrekabwads.coinfo the poem, part of which serves as the play’s epigraph (a quotation at the beginning of a book that elaborates on its major themes) the poet asks, “What happens to a dream deferred?” pondering whether it shrivels up “like a raisin.

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