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8 thoughts on “ Saint James Infirmary

  1. I went down to the St. James infirmary, I saw my baby there She was stretched out on a long white table, so cold, and fine, and fair Go ahead! Let her go, let her go, God bless her, wherever she may be She can search this world over, never find another man like me Yes, sixteen coal black horses, to pull that rubber tied hack.
  2. Lyrics to 'St. James Infirmary Blues' by The White Stripes. Oh, Koko Well, folks, I'm goin' down to St. James Infirmary See my little baby there She's stretched out on a long, white table.
  3. Apr 22,  · In a post back in March, I mused about the location of the original St. James Infirmary, relying on some information passed along by Paul Goddard of Bristol, England. As mentioned at the time, he is in a band, Dr Jazz, that has performed “St. James Infirmary” many times, and I thought (given how generous his earlier help to me was) that I would pass along .
  4. St. James Infirmary, Attn: Development, Polk Street 4th Floor San Francisco, CA Donate today and ensure that sex workers of all genders continue to have access to quality non judgemental care as well as build in our advocacy programs to center those most marginalized in our community and meet the needs of our community.
  5. Watch: New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer It was down by old Joe's barroom, on the corner of the square They were serving drinks as usual, and the usual crowd was there On my left stood Big Joe McKennedy, and his eyes were bloodshot red And he turned his face to the people, these were the very words he said I was down to St. James infirmary, I .
  6. Joe Cocker "St. James Infirmary": I went down to st james infirmary To see my baby there She was stretched out on a cold white table S.
  7. About “St. James Infirmary” The song is based on the 19th century English folk song, “The Unfortunate Rake”. This version appeared first in New Orleans and Lewis Armstrong was the first.

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